Criminal Defense

Keating & Lyden, LLC protects the rights of the accused and mounts a zealous defense on their behalf. From adult felonies to juvenile adjudications, partner Thomas Lyden will evaluate your case and develop a strategy that fits the specific circumstances of your matter. Mr. Lyden has defended hundreds of clients accused of a multitude of offenses.

If you are concerned about your prior criminal record and are ready to do something about it Keating and Lyden, LLC can help. Juvenile and adult misdemeanors and felonies can often be vacated, expunged or sealed after a set period of time has passed. Certain convictions that resulted in forfeiture of constitutional rights, such as 2nd Amendment firearm rights and voting rights, may be restored by the court that originally restricted them. We understand each case is different and the guidelines for protecting your name and restoring your background require professional training and expertise. Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options. Criminal law legal services are only provided in Washington.


Do you have a conviction for possession of a controlled substance from Whatcom County in your past? You may be eligible to have your conviction vacated under a February 2021 Washington State Supreme Court Case called State v. Blake. If you paid legal financial obligations on a possession conviction, you may be eligible for a refund.

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If you are eligible for a vacate order under State v. Blake, our firm’s services will be free to you.  Click here for more information on State v. Blake.

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