Boulder Estate Planning Attorney

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Do you need an estate planning attorney in Boulder, Colorado? Discuss your estate plan with us!

Keating & Lyden, LLC is a trusted Boulder estate planning law firm that provides quality estate planning services in an organized and professional manner to meet the clients’ present as well as future needs for their personal and financial well-being. From basic wills and medical powers of attorney to more complex trusts, we can help you ensure that your loved ones are adequately protected and provided for.

Our firm's services include:

  • Disposition planning for businesses held closely
  • Planning for taxable and non-taxable wills
  • Planning for revocable living trusts, both taxable and non-taxable
  • Joint ventures, sole proprietorship, LLCs, corporations
  • Transfer tax planning that skips a generation
  • An attorney's authority in financial matters
  • An attorney's authority in medical matters
  • Will within lifetime (advance medical directives)
  • Techniques employed in estate tax deduction
  • Limited partnerships, family-based
  • Life insurance trusts that can't be revoked
  • Techniques for charitable gifting
  • Foundation of a family
  • Planning for asset protection
  • Document disposition declaration of last remains
  • Authorization of HIPAA
  • Documentary directions for end of life
  • Funding revocable living trusts with assistance during lifetime
  • Gift tax issues advisory
  • Designating beneficiaries through recommendations for life insurance, 401 (k) accounts, IRA and Roth IRA accounts, and accounts that permit POD or TOD designations

We are among the top Boulder estate planning attorneys and are focused to create the best possible estate plan that meets your particular needs. Managing assets and affairs in case of incapability or upon death is a must. This process may involve basic estate planning, advanced estate planning or plans for loved ones with a disability or special needs. We can help you achieve your estate planning goals through various ways that can include power of attorney, wills, and trusts.

If you're looking for an experienced Boulder estate planning attorney, give us a call at (303) 448-8801 to discuss the estate planning needs. We will be happy to assist you with our expertise!