Why your Company Needs an Internet Acceptable Use Policy

An internet acceptable use policy (AUP) is necessary to make sure that your network is not misused or abused. In order to protect your network you need to let each user know in writing what your rules are for using the network.

Company Needs an Internet Acceptable Use Policy Here are some details to keep in mind when developing an internet acceptable use policy.

Elements that Define AUP

  • preamble
  • definition
  • policy statement
  • acceptable uses
  • unacceptable uses
  • violations and sanctions

AUP Basics

The purpose of creating an AUP is to define the behavior of your followers - whether the material can be used for educational purposes or beyond. Providing a clear list of unacceptable actions is helpful in stating parameters of consumer use. It can also define the type of sites (like chat rooms) that can connect with the network.

Schools and employers use AUPs to make sure that members use the network properly. The tone of the message can range from friendly to cold to legally threatening. Overall, it should not be emotional and give a clear statement on how the site can be used.

Internet Safety

One of the biggest benefits to using AUPs is that they contribute to internet safety awareness. It's a way to remind people, especially children, not to meet people in person just because you discovered them online. Your AUP will also reduce the people who accidentally use your site incorrectly.

Schools may issue AUPs as warnings against sites in which children agree to notify their parents if they come across online material that makes them feel uncomfortable. The use of AUPs combined with software that blocks controversial sites, can provide the highest level of internet safety for parents trying to censor content for children.

Your website ultimately needs an AUP to protect yourself from getting sued. The AUP clearly warns usage limits.


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