What to Do If You Get Arrested While Traveling Abroad

Getting arrested is bad enough, but it becomes more complicated when it happens in a foreign country. Think about how you take certain things for granted that are legal in your own country, and know it's possible to easily break the law in another country due to lack of knowledge. People who travel to Russia without proper identification, for example, run the risk of being detained. Here are steps you can take as a world traveler to seek legal services, as well as other help you need should you get arrested while traveling abroad.

Who To Contact Your first move should be to contact an embassy that represents your country and provide them with contact information for family members. If they provide a favorable support system, they will contact your loved ones and try to get financial aid from charities. They can also put you in touch with local legal services and interpreters.

Another helpful source for U.S. citizens traveling abroad is the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs. They can visit you and provide you with an overview of the criminal justice system in the nation where you are incarcerated. Although the organization cannot get you released from jail overseas or provide legal advice, they can establish an OCS Trust, which allows friends and family members to transfer funds to you if local regulations permit it.

Travel Prepared Whenever you travel to another country, it's best to become familiar with their laws. You can learn plenty of information by Googling laws that travelers should know. Understand visa issues, since it's possible to get locked up for not having necessary credentials. You can also run into trouble by trying to transport items in your luggage, especially chemicals that may be legal in one country yet illegal in another.

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