Tax Relief: How Tax Lawyers Can Help You

Tax reliefs are the reduction in taxes that you owe to any state, local body or any federal taxing authority. To earn the tax relief benefits, you need to meet certain criterias. For example, people of Colorado can earn property tax relief programs if they are- senior citizens, people with disabilities and members of the national guard and the reserves who were called into active military service.

How Tax Lawyers Can Help You

In the state of Washington, if a property gets damaged or destroyed, it is eligible for a reduction of assessed value that results in lower property taxes and possible refunds.

Tax attorneys or tax lawyers are the best people to take care of your tax relief matters. They can help you with:

  • Tax audits – A taxing agency may request an audit to check whether you have paid the right tax amount. A tax audit comes in three forms:
    • Correspondence audit – It can be done through mail if it is less complicated.
    • Office audit – For any specific questions on your return, you need to provide receipts and other documents to a local IRS office.
    • Field Audit- An IRS agent visits your business or home.
  • Tax collection – Individuals and businesses are required to pay several local, federal and state taxes, which include income, sales, payroll and excise tax. Tax lawyers can help you understand the concepts and make the process simpler for you.
  • Tax appeals – They can help you understand your appeal rights and things like what to appeal for and expectations from an appeal process.
  • Tax penalties – The tax penalties imposed by IRS include: failure to file, failure to pay, disregard, negligence and several others.

Tax Lawyers are experts in tax relief process and will make you understand the process in a very lucid manner.

Keating & Lyden, LLC helps its clients with tax related matters like tax controversies, tax relief, audits, and appeals. Our attorneys have the experience and the skills to deal with all the tax issues . Contact us for any tax related help.


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