Starting Off Legal Conversations: 6 Great Ideas

Starting any legal conversation can be tricky. The circumstances will delegate the tone and content of the conversation, but opening and flowing the lines of communication will take tact and creativity.

Legal Conversation

The following tips can generate communication on a variety of levels:

  1. Offer An In depth, On-site Tour If you are afraid a legal representative is not quite grasping everything you think they should, give them a complete, on-site tour that goes into as much detail as you think they may need. For some, it is easier to understand a concept when they are walked through the environment and given a hands-on tour.

  2. Process Improvement Meetings Process improvement meetings that include project management teams can provide valuable insight as to what a business or organization is trying to achieve. Collaboration between the two groups is imperative if obstacles are to be avoided.

  3. Pilot Programs Create a pilot program where every member of the team can monitor the process as it unfolds. Include everyone from the lowest paid laborer to the president of the company. With input from both ends, communication will be balanced and different points of view will be included.

  4. Create a Usable Dashboard Once both sides have offered a list of possible obstacles to communication, a dashboard can be created to help address each issue. By using the dashboard, members of management can find alternative options to any obstacle presented during the discussion.

  5. Meet and Greet Webinars Meet and greet webinars allow individuals to learn about one another's ideas over the Internet. They can communicate effectively via an online webinar, sharing ideas and working through difficult obstacles.

  6. Request for Proposals Requesting proposals allows others within the company to offer their ideas and opinions on what can be changed or improved to further the success of the business.


Keating and Lyden

Keating & Lyden LLC was founded by attorneys-at-law, Robert J. Keating, and Thomas P. Lyden and is based in Boulder, Colorado, and Bellingham, Washington. The attorneys specialize in providing legal advice in real estate matters to businesses and individuals pertaining to real estate management and operation including: tenancy in common agreements, partition agreements, real estate financing, homeowner’s associations and land use issues. They also provide the highest quality legal services to small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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