How You Can Protect Your Intellectual Property Effectively?

Intellectual properties are the fruits of your mental labor and so, intangible in nature. You can put chains over your tangible assets to protect them from theft, but how will you protect something that can't be touched?

This problem gave birth to the idea of Intellectual Property (IP) law which deals with such rules that ensure to secure and enforce legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. The purpose of this law is to foster and reward creativity and innovation in the society.

some advice by the specialists at Keating & Lyden, LLC that can help you in protecting your intellectual property

People's lack of knowledge about the law poses a great threat to their ownership over their inventions. An intellectual property lawyer is the one who specializes in the practice of this law and can help you exercise your rights over any unauthorized use of your invention or designs with a purpose to make commercial gains.

Here is some advice by the specialists at Keating & Lyden, LLC that can help you in protecting your intellectual property:

Know Your Intellectual Property and Get it Registered

First of all, you need to know about the category of your intellectual property. If it is a piece of creative work such as a writing, a music, or a motion picture, you can get it registered under copyright law. If it is a commercial invention such as a new business product or process, a patent is what you need to go for, and if it is a sign, logo, or symbol, you can get them protected through trademarks.

Intellectual property law firms like Keating & Lyden, LLC can help you in securing your right over your property.

Keep a Record from the Beginning

Create a log of your work right from the beginning and mention everything about it along with the relevant dates. It can be a notebook or an online journal, and even your email. Just make a list of the particulars on a Word file and email it to yourself to keep an unofficial but very useful record of everything. This will help you in prosecuting any wrongful claim in the court.

Don't Overlook Any Instance of Theft

You must never overlook any instance of theft of your intellectual property at any point of time. Prosecute those who are responsible for this so that any future move by them to seize your property is deterred in advance.

Develop a User Rights Policy

Develop a policy for user rights of your intellectual property. Mention in it exactly what you consider as theft and what action should be taken if someone tries to copy your work. This is very helpful as some users might resort to breaches to acquire some sort of commercial gains through it.

Be Sure About the Originality of Your Idea

Before starting a project, make sure that your idea is original and not similar to someone else's work. If it turns out the contrary way, and someone challenges your idea in court, you might have to pay a huge penalty.

Protect Your Trade Secrets

When the success of your business depends on certain information such as a client or potential client list, this is your intellectual property. They are protected by trade secret laws. If any of your employees, associates or subcontractors have access to your trade secrets, get them to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement with your business.

Seek Expert's Advice

To ensure that you have covered all loopholes and your property is completely protected, contact an expert property law firm for expert advice or get an intellectual property attorney appointed for all the legal matters related to the protection of your intellectual property. This way you can focus all your energy towards your work and let the IP attorney see to the complex legal matters.

Our intellectual property law firm in Boulder, Colorado helps clients evaluate their intellectual property assets and rights to keep authority of their properties always with them.


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