How Can You Obtain Different Types of Work Visas

According to the United States immigration laws, foreign nationals are required to get a visa. A visa is an official permit for foreigners to enter and work in the United States. There are many different types of work visas. The process to obtain a visa depends on what type of visa you are looking for. Below discussed are some of them. Work Visas B1 Visa A B1 is issued to travelers who are coming to the United States for business activities such as attending a conference, settling an estate or negotiating a contract. Travelers may apply for a B1 Visa at the US embassy or consulate in their native country. These visas are valid for up to six months. HB1 Work Visa This is a dual visa, which means holders are able to apply for a green card. If you do not apply for permanent residency before your visa expires, you will be forced to live outside the US for at least one year. Employers can hire foreigners to fill specialty occupations such as computer science, architecture and engineering. Employers have to submit an application to the Department of Labor. E1 Visa This visa is for foreigners traveling to the United States to engage in international trade from a country the US has a treaty with. Employees are required to be the same nationality as the employer. This visa is valid for up to two years. Foreigners must seek admission as an E1 immigrant. E2 Visa You are eligible for this visa if you are traveling to the United States to invest a large amount of capital in a United States business. You must have at least a 50 percent ownership stake in the company. You have to seek admission as an E2 immigrant. See Also: Is Refusing Breathalyzer Test a Smart Idea?

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