5 Benefits of Working with a Tax Attorney

The IRS tax code is complex, as it covers over 1,700 pages. If doing taxes yourself is too time-consuming or difficult to absorb, here are five reasons why partnering with a Boulder tax attorney will help reduce the stress and complexities.


Benefits of Hiring a Boulder Tax Attorney:

  1. Knowledge of Tax Codes Many people make the mistake of trying to resolve tax issues without double-checking all the required details that the government demands. Since tax laws are constantly changing, you will need to avoid basing your filing on outdated information. A Colorado tax attorney will apply your case to appropriate and updated tax codes.
  2. Circumvent Threats Even though most IRS agents act professionally and do not use threatening techniques, some may use intimidation tactics and can be hard to deal with. A seasoned tax attorney will represent you in communications with the court, file documentation properly and take steps to protect your rights.
  3. Conduct Proper Filing A Boulder tax attorney can handle your filing details to help ensure you use proper forms and meet filing deadlines, as well as file for late returns. He or she will be able to access the most up-to-date tax laws for your state and speed up resolving your case.
  4. Represent Your Interests Your attorney will be able to answer questions about your case and communicate with the IRS on your behalf. An attorney can save you from accidentally incriminating yourself by submitting false information. A Boulder tax attorney can handle the details to help you resolve your case with the IRS while you go about your normal business.
  5. Provide Options for Handling Debt Settlement To protect your assets from being seized by creditors, a Colorado attorney will discuss your options, such as:
    • Set up a monthly payment plan with the IRS
    • File for an Offer in Compromise (OIC) to settle debt
    • Request that debt be categorized as Currently Not Collectible (CNC)
    • Arrange to pay debt off with a credit card or other payment method


The IRS may pursue debt collection when you own money to the government. Hiring an experienced tax attorney can save you from all kinds of errors and frustration.

Keating & Lyden, LLC has the best tax attorneys in Boulder, CO providing complex tax-related legal services to businesses and individuals. Arrange a consultation meeting with our Boulder tax attorney to discuss how to proceed with your tax situation.

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