7 Highly Effective Ways to Protect Your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often more difficult to protect than your actual physical property. The laws protecting such unique creations of the mind are also unique and often complicated. Intellectual property law firms aren't as popular as other law firms because of this difficulty.

We at Keating & Lyden, LLC are more than happy to help protect your intellectual property rights. Here is a list of seven ways to protect your intellectual properties effectively.

# 1 Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks This is the absolute best way to protect your rights. Depending on what type of intellectual property you have, you need to have your unique work registered in the records. Copyrights, patents are trademarks are the basic protection for your intellectual property. # 2 Keep a Record From start to finish, you must create a log that details all your creation, along with the relevant dates. This could act as a log of evidence, and can be used later. # 3 Prosecute Thieves Don't overlook even a single instance of theft of your intellectual property. Utilize your rights and request for legal action whenever necessary. # 4 Develop a policy Develop a user rights policy for your intellectual property. Don’t forget to include exactly what you will consider theft and what action will be taken if someone copies your work in your plan. # 5 Originality Make sure before you start a project that your idea is indeed an original and not similar to anyone else’s work. Ensure that it doesn’t has a scope for someone else to create an issue. # 6 Contracts You must ensure that all your employment and consultancy contracts clearly defines your ownership of an intellectual property. # 7 Seek expert advice To ensure that you have covered all loopholes and your intellectual property is completely protected, contact an expert property law firm for expert advice. It is a well-known fact that an expert advice from a law firm is your greatest asset. See also: Copyright a Website: What You Should Know

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