Trusted Civil Litigation Attorneys in Boulder, CO

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We are one of the best and trusted civil litigation law firms in Boulder, CO providing cost-effective and quality representation for a wide range of civil disputes. The civil litigation practice at Keating & Lyden, LLC provides vigorous civil representation for individuals and businesses with pending or threatened lawsuits.

We understand that formal legal action can be a cumbersome and expensive process so our attorneys exhaustively explore all of your settlement options before filing suit. Our dedicated professionals work closely with you to offer individual and personalized attention that you deserve. We try to get a detailed understanding of your case so we can achieve a positive outcome of the case.  

However, certain rights can only be protected by court order and oversight, so when the time comes, you can rest assured Keating & Lyden, LLC will work tirelessly to achieve the best result possible given the specific circumstances of the client and the facts of the particular matter.

If you are looking for the best civil litigation lawyers near you, contact our experienced civil litigation attorneys in Boulder, CO. Call us at (303) 448-8801 to discuss all your civil litigation issues. We are always here to help you!