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Business Law

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Keating & Lyden, LLC provides all manner of business counsel to corporations, S corporations, LLCs, and limited and general partnerships. The firm’s services include entity formation, corporate governance and compliance, capital structure, debt and equity financing, commercial contracts, service agreements, shareholder and buyout agreements, option and restricted stock agreements and many other services and transactions. Robert Keating has represented hundreds of businesses in Colorado and Washington and has provided countless hours of advice and counsel to business owners and entrepreneurs of all types and sizes.

The firm also assists in the preparation, review and negotiation of private placement memorandums (PPM) for private securities offerings. Keating & Lyden, LLC has prepared PPMs for all forms of Regulations D private offerings including Rules 504, 505, 506 and 506(c). We can also advise you with respect to securities laws in the states of Colorado and Washington.